Extrajudicial Measures


Read the following scenarios and recommend either an extrajudicial measure or an extrajudicial sanction.  Think about what type of measure or sanction would work best in the circumstances such as an apology, essay writing, restitution, return of goods, clean-up of damage, treatment program, counselling, a conference or a restorative justice option.

Joy Riding
Jackie is 13 years old. One day, she and her friend Barb, who is also 13, are walking home from school when they see a car parked at the side of the road. They noticed the keys are in the ignition. They decide to take the car for a joy ride down by the beach because they know other kids their age will be hanging out there and they want to impress them. On the way to the beach, however, a police car stops them because they are speeding. Their joy ride is over.

Impaired Driving
David, 12, has been in and out of several foster homes in the last three years. His foster parents have left their car at home.  David gets the keys and goes for a drive.  Unfortunately, he is underage and drunk. He is weaving down the street so the police stop him.

Uttering Threats
Kevin, 17, and Stacey, 15, are hanging out at the park on a Friday night.   They both have been drinking heavily. Stacey is accusing Kevin of liking another girl.  Their discussion gets heated and Kevin threatens to beat up Stacey if she won’t stop nagging him. Kevin makes a move to hit Stacey. A police officer steps in and arrests Kevin.

Monica, 16, works at a trendy clothing store. She has never been in trouble with the law before. She has a disagreement with her boss about her work schedule. Her boss insists that she work a shift when Monica has already made plans. Monica is very angry and tells her boss she'd rather quit than work that shift. Monica packs up her locker at work and storms out of the store. That night Monica returns to the store and begins to spray paint rude language on the front of the store windows. A customer in a nearby restaurant calls the police who arrive and find Monica in the middle of spray painting.

Van, 15, has no criminal history with the police. He tries to buy a package of cigarettes from a convenience store but the clerk asks him for identification. Van gets into an argument with the clerk and strikes him in the face. Van grabs the cigarettes and leaves the store. The clerk gives a description of Van to the police. The police find Van because he is stopped for speeding 15 minutes later.