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Source of Legal Rights

Youth, like adults, have certain rights and freedoms that are protected by law. This law is the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Charter is part of the Canadian Constitution, and this is the most important set of laws in Canada. The Charter protects the rights and freedoms of everyone in Canada.

The Charter includes a long list of “legal rights”.

In the Charter, legal rights are protections that apply in criminal cases. They ensure fair treatment of people accused of a crime

Legal Rights under the Charter:

  • Section 7: Life, liberty, and security of the person 
  • Section 8: No unreasonable search and seizure (s.8)
  • Section 9: No arbitrary detention or imprisonment 
  • Section 10: Specific rights if arrested or detained: reasons, hire lawyer, etc. 
  • Section 11: Specific rights if charged: fair trial, presumption of innocence, etc. 
  • Section 12: No cruel or unusual treatment or punishment 
  • Section 13: Protected from self incrimination (s.13)
  • Section 14: To have an interpreter (s.14)
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Dec, 2022
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