Extrajudicial Measures

Extrajudicial Measures


Extrajudicial measures are processes other than court proceedings, which may be initiated by the police or Crown.

This section will identify the principles and objectives of extrajudicial measures and will discuss the different types of measures, including extrajudicial sanctions.

  • In Depth 1: Explains the principles and objectives of extrajudicial measures.
  • In Depth 2: Describes the different types of extrajudicial measures.
  • In Depth 3: Explains extrajudicial sanctions, which are the most formal type of extrajudicial measures.


YCJA Part 1: Extrajudicial Measures
Section 4: Declaration of Principles
Section 5: Objectives
Section 6: Warnings, Cautions and Referrals
Section 7: Police Cautions
Section 8: Crown Cautions
Section 9: Evidence of Measures is Inadmissible
Section 10: Extrajudicial Sanctions
Section 11: Notice to Parent
Section 12: Victim’s Right to Information

YCJA Part 2: Organization of Youth Criminal Justice System
Section 19: Conferences