Legal Rights of Youth Assignment

Completing this assignment will provide you with an opportunity to consider what you have learned in this section of the YCJA course. By answering the questions, you will have a chance to apply your legal rights when dealing with the police. If you are not sure of your answer, review the information in this section. You can use the Assignment Worksheet to provide your answers.


Contact with Police

While you are filming in public, you are stopped by the police who say they are responding to a complaint. They ask questions about what you are doing. They ask for your name and address.

QUESTIONS: What do you say? Do you provide ID? Explain your answer.


Detained by the Police

You are walking down the street. Police stop you. 

QUESTION: What are the 2 situations when police have the right to detain you?


Police Search

You are standing on a street corner, wearing a backpack, when police stop you. The police explain that witnesses have said that someone is selling drugs from this location. Police ask if they can search you and your backpack for drugs.

QUESTIONS: What do you say? What questions do you ask police?


Rights While in Custody

Imagine that your best friend was arrested for a crime and while in custody, they call you.

QUESTION: What 3 tips would you give them?

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