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Sentencing Assignment

Read the following scenarios and think about what you would recommend for a sentence. Consider the purpose and the principles of youth sentencing. What impact does the youth’s background have on your decision? As the judge, which of these sentencing options would you order? Your sentence can include one or a series of these options in combined.

  • Discharge
  • Judicial Reprimand
  • Fine or Compensation
  • Community Service
  • Conditional Sentence/Probation
  • Custody

Crime: Impaired driving, Aggravated assault

Youth Details: Jake 15

Circumstances: Jake was drinking with friends. He didn’t have a driver’s license. He took his sister-in-law’s car and went for a drive with his friends. Jake accidentally hit a 72-year-old lady, who was seriously injured.

Outcome: Jake was arrested and charged. He is an honour roll student with no criminal record. He felt bad.


Crime: Assault

Youth Details: Angie 16

Circumstances: Angie and Sally went to a friend’s apartment. After several hours, Sally wanted to leave. One friend blocked the door and Angie hit Sally in the back of the head, who fell to the floor. Angie hit Sally repeatedly. Sally was bleeding and could not get up.

Outcome: Sally finally left and went to the hospital. She had serious injuries. Angie was arrested. She has a history of violence and was on probation.


Crime: Impaired driving

Youth Details: Roland 15

Circumstances: Roland and two teen friends had a few beers, then went for a drive. Roland was speeding, lost control and his two friends were killed in the accident.

Outcome: The families of the teens don’t want Roland to go to jail. They believe he has suffered enough because he killed his 2 best friends.


Crime: Break and enter, Manslaughter

Youth Details: Harpreet & Tom 14

Circumstances: Harpreet and Tom break into a home. To their surprise, an elderly couple is home. The man defends his property. The husband falls to the ground during the scuffle with the two boys. He hits his head on the coffee table and dies because of the injury.

Outcome: Police arrest both boys. Harpreet is a repeat offender. Tom has no criminal record.

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