Youth Justice Assignment

This assignment includes a series of issues related to the YCJA. Completing the questions listed below will help you understand some of the key principles of the YCJA. You can use the Assignment Worksheet to provide your answers.


Age of Responsibility

The YCJA applies to youth ages 12 to 17.

QUESTIONS: Should a 10-year-old who commits a crime be help responsible for that crime? Should the YCJA apply? Explain your answer.


Causes of Crime

Consider why some youth commit crime.

QUESTIONS: Do you think there are factors that put some youth at a higher risk of offending than others? How do you balance these considerations with the idea of personal responsibility?



The YCJA places an emphasis on rehabilitation and reintegrating youth who go to jail back into society. 

QUESTIONS: Why do you think there is a particular emphasis on rehabilitation of youth compared to adults? Is the focus on rehabilitation consistent with the goal of protecting society? Why or why not?


Addressing Youth Crime

In communities across BC, there are programs to help youth commit less crime and programs to help youth who have committed crime.

QUESTIONS: What type of programs do you think would help youth not commit crime? What type of programs do you think would help youth who have committed crime? Do you know about any programs available in your community? 


Alternatives to Court

The YCJA encourages the use of options to keep youth out of court and out of jail.

QUESTIONS: Should youth get special treatment to help keep them from going to jail? Why or why not? 


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