Publication of Identity of Offender


Read the following cases and decide whether the name of the youth would be published and decide why or why not?


Donna, 17, has been an excellent student. Her parents don't understand her recent behaviour since she made two new friends and spends a lot of time with them. Donna does not come home on time anymore and her study habits are falling apart. The police arrived at Donna’s parents’ door one day with a search warrant. It turns out that Donna and her friends stole credit cards from several purses belonging to their teachers and friends’ parents. They ordered merchandise from the Internet using the stolen credit card numbers. The purchases were traced back to Donna's computer.


Jeff, 12, has been in and out of several foster homes in the last three years. His behaviour has been a problem at all of the homes. He does not attend school regularly. Many cars in Jeff's neighbourhood have been broken into and electronics and change have been stolen. Sometimes, the car windows or locks were broken. Jeff is in the lane behind his house and a neighbour sees him breaking into a car. The police are called and they arrest Jeff.