Youth and Adult Records


Read and answer the questions below to reinforce the content that you have just learned.

Store Owner Robbed

Colin is 17 years old. He has often been in trouble with the law. A month ago he robbed a store owner and had to go to court again. He was found guilty of robbery, which is an indictable offence.

When he was sentenced, the judge ordered Colin to move into a live-in treatment place for one month. This place has special programs to help young people stop using drugs and alcohol. After that, Colin will be on probation for nine months and must go to school or get a job. A youth worker will supervise him and make sure he does these things.

  1. How long will Colin's youth record be open?
  2. If Colin commits another offence once he turns 18, what will happen to his youth record?

If Colin does not commit another offence until he is 25, what will happen to his youth record?