Principles of the Act


Three Local Boys Break into a Car
Peter, 17, is in Grade 12. He has an 11-year-old brother, Jimmy. One of Peter’s friends at school, Jack, is 18.

One evening, Peter went over to Jack’s house. He took Jimmy with him. Jack suggested they go out. As they were walking down the street, they saw a car with a lot of things in it. No one was around. Peter and Jack decided to break into the car. Jimmy helped them. Someone saw them and called the police. All three boys were caught.

Which of the following do you think happened to the boys? Pick one of the following choices:

1. All three boys went to youth court.
2. Two of the boys went to youth court and one went to adult court.
3. All three boys were treated differently.

Which option is correct?
All three boys were treated differently.

A police officer took Jimmy home to his parents and explained what had happened. Jack and Peter were taken to the police station. The police told Jack that he would have to go to adult court. They told Peter that he might have to go to youth court. The police said that first Peter would have a chance to talk to a youth probation officer to find out why he got in trouble.

Jack said, “That’s not fair. All three of us did the same thing. We should be treated the same.”