Publication of Identity of Offender


Late one night, Eddie was about to climb out the window of a house where he had stolen a DVD player. The elderly couple who lived there woke up and the man grabbed Eddie. Eddie hit him and he also hit the man’s wife several times before he ran. Both the man and his wife were badly hurt. The woman died. When the police arrested Eddie, they explained to Eddie and his father that Eddie might get an adult sentence. Even though Eddie was only 17, this was a violent, serious crime.

Eddie went to Youth Justice Court where he was found guilty of manslaughter, assault causing bodily harm and break and enter. The judge gave Eddie an adult sentence, because no youth sentence was of sufficient length to hold him accountable. Eddie also had to go to an adult prison because he is too dangerous to be with the other young people in a youth facility. Eddie is also quite mature, like an adult.


  • In this case, what are the advantages and disadvantages to Eddie if his identity is published?
  • In this case, what are the advantages and disadvantages for the community if Eddie’s identity is published?