Victims and Youth Justice


Fire Started by Youth
Jimmy, Jason, John and Joe were hanging around at a community center with about five other kids. While Jimmy was lighting his cigarette, he decided to light up the cushion of the old couch they were sitting on.

Jimmy, Jason, John, and Joe watched the cushion burn and thought it was pretty cool. Then they decided it would be even better to watch the couch burn. The others in the group did not think that was such a good idea and decided to leave.

The four boys lit the couch on fire, but things got out of control and the fire spread quickly. Soon the ceiling and walls were burning and they couldn't put the fire out. Ultimately the fire engulfed the whole building and the community center was destroyed.

Who was affected? Consider these victims:

  • The families of the four boys, who are ashamed of their actions.
  • People in the community who organized the building of the centre.
  • Youth who play basketball in the centre.
  • Elementary school children who use the centre for games after school.
  • Adults who use the centre to learn and play music.
  • Parents who use the centre's day care to mind their children while they are are at work.
  • Seniors who use the centre to play bingo and cards.
  • Firefighters who had to put the fire out.
  • Community centre staff who are now out of a job.
  • The other kids who were with the boys, who feel ashamed that they did not do something when those four started playing with fire.

Decide what Jimmy, Jason, John and Joe would need to do to repair the harm they caused to different members of the community, who are the victims of their crime.