Principles of the Act

Special Assignment

These ideas will help you explore the YCJA in depth. You can complete the activities for a classroom assignment.

1. Work with a partner and another team to prepare a debate on the following topic:

BE IT RESOLVED that children as young as ten years old who commit serious crimes should be held responsible through the criminal justice system.

Present the debate to the rest of the class and have them decide who has argued the topic more effectively.

2. Do you think there are problems in life that put some youth at a higher risk of offending than others? If so, describe these problems and how they lead to youth crime. If not, explain what you believe causes youth crime.

3.What type of programs could be set up to help youth who are committing crimes? Look in your own community to see what type of programs exist.

4.The YCJA encourages the use of options other than going to court. For example, the youth may have to apologize, attend counselling, or do some community or personal service to repair the harm. Do you think this is a good idea? Explain the advantages and disadvantages.