Victims and Youth Justice

Victims and Youth Justice


Section 3 of the YCJA states that "Victims should be treated with courtesy, compassion and respect for their dignity and privacy". This section of Explore the YCJA discusses the legal rights of victims of crime committed by youth and explains YCJA Sections 3(d)(ii) and (iii), 12, 42, 53, 111, 119.


YCJA Section 3: Declaration of Principles (d) (ii) and (iii)

YCJA Part 1: Extrajudicial Measures
Section 12: Victim's Right to Information

YCJA Part 4: Sentencing
YCJA Section 42: Considerations as to Youth Sentence
YCJA Section 53: Funding for Victims

YCJA Part 6: Publication, Records and Information
YCJA Section 111: Identity of Victim or Witness not to be Published
YCJA Section 119: Persons Having Access to Records