Youth and Adult Records

Special Assignment

These ideas will help you explore the Act in depth. You can complete the activities for a classroom assignment.

1. Prepare a five-question survey using the information you learned in the In Depth Article about Youth and Adult Records. Ask your parents, family or friends to participate in your survey. Try to survey at least five participants.

Your survey questions need to be True or False or Yes or No questions for ease in tabulating the results. Prepare a summary of the results of the survey and present them to the class.

A sample of the type of question you may want to include is: A youth record will always disappear at the age of 18. True or False?

2. Create a crossword puzzle or a word search for your class on youth records. You can use up to ten words. Use the information in the In Depth Article about Youth and Adult Records as a basis for your work. Make an answer key for your crossword puzzle or word search.

3. Create your own board or trivia game about youth records and adult records. You will have to make the board and game cards and a set of rules for playing your game. You can also include score cards, money if needed and game pieces to be used while playing the game. Try playing your game with a few classmates, or test whether your game really works by playing it with another class in a different grade.

4. Interview someone who hires employees to find out what they would do if a youth applied for the job and had a criminal record. Ask how the employer would phrase questions about this to discover if the youth had a record and ask how much the knowledge would affect the decision to hire that youth. Share what you have learned with your class.